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This 7 bite-sized video mini-course will be your guide to help you...

  • Skyrocket your list using chatbot's signature one-click opt-in method
  • Boost conversions with its 90% open rates (and 60% CTR's)
  • Automate your sales with a fun + interactive user experience

Even without an ounce of technical know-how!

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Why chat marketing?

Chat Marketing lets businesses connect with their ideal audience on multiple platforms 24 hours a day 7 days a week - platforms PROVEN to give you unheard-of results without actually being present 24/7. In this FREE mini-course, you'll learn how to get started with chat marketing so you can grow your audience (and business!) with fun and interactive chatbots that connect and engage, creating a unique experience personalized to each individual.

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By the end of this mini-course,
you'll know how to...

Confidently navigate ManyChat's dashboard

You can't create an engaging chatbot if don't know where anything is or, just downright overwhelmed with its features which is why we'll be touring the ManyChat dashboard to give you the confidence you need to build a powerhouse chatbot.

Build an engaging ManyChat welcome message

Set yourself apart from your competition by creating a killer welcome message that puts your most important content front and center (we're talking contact info, loyalty program, FAQs) - all without your perfect people lifting a finger.

Deliver a lead magnet using a one-click opt-in method

The fewer steps your perfect people have to take to grab your amaze-balls freebie is one less chance of losing them. Now you can capture contact info (for retargeting!) AND deliver a lead magnet using chatbot's signature one-click opt-in method.

And so much more!

Who can benefit from chatbots?

The real question is this - Who DOESN'T benefit from taking advantage of the most powerful digital marketing tool that lets you easily connect with your perfect people on the regular?

Online Business

Whether you want to turn sales page browsers into buyers, qualify dreamy leads, deliver client packets, sell-out event tickets (like a webinar), boost Facebook live engagement (and reach!), recover abandoned carts, suggest products based on previous interactions, and SO much more, chatbots WILL work for you!


Chatbots are just as successful (if not more) with growing your brick-and-mortar! You can easily deliver unique one-time coupon codes, book appointments, make reservations, place an order (and pay!), follow-up on a purchase, create paperless menus, build a loyalty program, and SO much more!

Get started with the future of digital marketing today!

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